Who we are


The Worship Arts Leadership Institute (WALI) exists to connect leaders of worship with one another for empowered learning, common support, and professional inspiration.

We are committed to the discussion of those things with which leaders of worship wrestle.  We believe that ministry is best within the context of community.  It is our goal to make your ministry walk a together walk.  We realize that building a healthy, thriving worship arts ministry is not easy and rarely accomplished without an effective support mechanism to provide mentoring, wise counsel, and encouragement.  It is our hope to provide this kind of support through our training events, our website, and especially through connecting worship arts leaders to each other.

WALI is in residence on the campus of Concordia University Irvine, and charged with living out our mission within the Concordia community as well as through serving congregations nationally.  On campus, we come alongside existing academic programs to train and equip next-generation worship arts leaders.  Externally, we connectsupportempower and inspire through various training events throughout the country.